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LocationTech NZ

Celebrating LocationTech’s launch

During 2020, location technology’s profile was boosted, largely due to the global impact of COVID-19. It quickly became clear how location technology is crucial to the management of the pandemic; mapping of cases, contact tracing, regional lockdown management and dashboards.

Earlier this month, LocationTech held its launch event in Wellington, Christchurch and online. Location and spatial professionals from a diverse range of organisations joined the inaugural event. The event began with LocationTech’s Chair, Sam Drummond introducing the power of location. 

NZTech’s CEO Graeme Muller officially welcomed LocationTech to the Tech Alliance.
They were joined by Matt Lythe, Managing Director of Lynker Analytics, Kea Aerospace CEO Mark Rocket and rocket scientist Dr Philipp Sueltrop (they’re commercialising the stratosphere!). Together, they discussed how most of our daily activities rely on location data and the technology that brings it to life.

LocationTech’s plans for 2021 were also detailed and focus on these activity themes:


  1. Networking with a purpose
  2. Communications
  3. Connect the New Zealand Ecosystem
  4. International Connections
  5. Together build credibility


  1. Newsletters
  2. Social Media
  3. Case Studies
  4. Mainstream Media Engagement
  5. Briefing Papers


  1. Grow and Export
  2. Help Government understand the value of location technology better
  3. Skills and Capability

If you couldn’t make it to the event (or you would like to watch it again) a recording of the presentations can be found below.

Kia Aerospace interview is also available here.

LocationTech NZ Our mission is to establish LocationTechNZ as the voice of location technology and spatial intelligence in New Zealand.