About us

Growing a successful spatial industry for New Zealand

The emersion of spatial and digital worlds is delivering powerful solutions for business, industry and government. LocationTech works to ensure Aotearoa New Zealand is well-positioned to reap the transformative benefits of location-enabled innovation.

LocationTech is a community hosted and supported by the New Zealand IoT Alliance.

Our mission

We collaborate to advance location-enabled innovation in Aotearoa and empower its people and businesses to derive benefits from location technology.

Our goals

When employed alongside other technology location tech provides the means to generate giant leaps in utility, capability and performance.

Industry intelligence

Our members are unified in their desire to facilitate access and adoption of innovative location-enabled solutions across New Zealand business, industry and government.

Enabling technology

LocationTech targets cooperation and collaboration across the tech-ecosphere to unlock productivity and new opportunities.


We work to ensure stakeholders are aware and ready to adapt to take advantage of new location-enabled solutions for public and private good.

LocationTech members are significant adopters, innovators, producers and users of location information technologies.  They provide value added services to business, Government and industry.  Members include small and medium sized enterprises, plus large local and international companies.