LocationTech is at the heart of big data, creating most of the world’s information. 

Almost everyone uses location information every day, from apps on our phones to planning travel based on real-time traffic data.


LocationTech is committed to growing the spatial industry for the benefit of its members. Joining LocationTech ensures that your business helps shape and share in the future growth of the spatial industry in New Zealand.

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What is location technology?

Location technology (LocationTech) is also called geospatial or spatial technology.  It is data related to, or containing information about a specific location on the surface of Earth. 

Location information deals with the position, area, size of things and often uses a geographic map or model.

LocationTech relies on many technologies including drones, GPS, ground penetrating radar, lidar, satellites and  sensors.

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LocationTech is more than a map or model – it’s where we live, travel and what we do.  Most daily activities rely on location data and the technology that brings it to life.  Data analysis can help us understand how certain variables impact our lives and help inform our health, safety and wellbeing. 

Location information impacts most aspects of our economy, including agriculture, communications, construction, defence, infrastructure, land use planning, mining, property and transport.  

A 2007 study into the economic impacts of spatial information in New Zealand reported its use and reuse is estimated to have added $1.2 billion in productivity-related benefits.  In 2019, the location intelligence market was valued at $10.1 billion and is growing rapidly with increased investment in IoT, Smart Devices and network infrastructure.