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LocationTech Member Profile – Reveal

Sam Wiffen CEO, Reveal

Tell us about your organisation: 

Reveal are building the Google Maps of the underground

What is your definition of location technology?

Technology that adds location context to useful objects, tools and information

What is your area of interest in the industry?

Subsurface utility surveying and location

What does a typical day at your company or department look like?

Managing a team of expert geophysicists, data processors and coders turn raw data into actionable intelligence

What project are you currently working on that makes you excited to get to work?

Building the world’s largest subsurface utility mode in Wellington, New Zealand

What other technology do you dabble in? How does it work alongside location technology?

IoT for subsurface utilities – getting the underground to talk back

What industry development is making you think outside of the box?

Artificial intelligence, with its potential for speeding up data processing and assisting engineers and surveyors to produce more accurate designs.

Learn more about Reveal:

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