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Webinar: HERE Directions

This event is not run by an association in the Tech Alliance, but may be of interest to some members.

HERE Directions is the place to be for anyone and everyone in the business of location.

Join HERE leaders, partners and industry experts as they discuss how location is powering the latest innovations in on-demand delivery, mobility as a service, AI, ML, IoT, autonomous driving and telecommunications.

Location has the power to drive solutions that enable more engaging customer experiences, improve supply chain and fleet efficiency and make our roads safer. Join us at HERE Directions to see how mapping and location technology is shaping and transforming the world around us.

Key theme:

Supply Chain Optimization: Create greater visibility for your supply chain. Increase your business efficiency and establish transparency.

Connected Driving: Create intuitive navigation solutions with our connected services. Build consumer trust by using rich map data and services for your ADAS systems.

Fleet Management: Keep your business and your fleets moving with efficient routing and lower your costs by calculating the best ETA for each vehicle.

Public Safety: With advanced location technology, emergency and public safety services can provide detailed, up-to-date roadway information to reduce response times.

Urban Mobility: Get location data insights to improve efficiency, create smarter customer experiences and identify new monetization opportunities.



Sep 17
6:00 am - 10:00 am